Photo of Beverly on the beach with the sun in her hand.

Beverly Sumner is a licensed massage therapist and a Georgia native who lived 10 years in Oregon, where she owned Altair Therapeutic Massage, specializing in helping clients with chronic and acute pain, as well as teaching yoga and stretching to her clients, helping them live a more healthy and pain free life. She has more than 1,000 hours of massage training, including 2 months of training in Thailand, where she learned Ancient Thai Massage and gained a deepening knowledge of Eastern Philosophical practices. She has integrated all of these diverse forms into her massage and movement therapies.

She practices Japanese Restoration Therapy (JRT), a deep tissue style of Eastern massage along the body's energy line and acupressure points to promote healing and balance the body’s energy. This therapy stands out because it is done primarily with the forearm and elbow. During Japanese restoration therapy, the practitioner will use a rhythmic pressure to soften and release injured soft tissues. This helps them heal properly,and helps improve postural alignment. Another benefit is to re balance the energy, or qi, of the body. See the modalities page to learn the history of this unique body work

Beverly also is a certified Yoga Instructor, specializing in teaching students of all levels in one on one sessions. Her knowledge of anatomy and body movement allows her to help each student achieve their goals. (See the modalities page for more information).

As an Active Isolated Stretching practitioner, she helps clients identify and stretch individual muscles leading to permanent relief of pain. (see the modalities page for more information)