Testimonials from Beverly's Clients


For six months, I had the good fortune to participate in a yoga class taught by Beverly Sumner. I had previously tried a few introductory classes with other instructors but found them to be joyless, or worse boring. That was certainly not the case with Beverly’s beginners’ class. She teaches a form of integrated yoga in which we performed a series of yoga positions that flow from one to the next. Our class was comprised of students ranging in age and ability. Each of us grew as a result of Beverly’s skillful instruction and sincerity of purpose.

I took several private lessons from Beverly and resolved several issues with my practice. She has a great knowledge of anatomy and how the body moves, and her observation and sensible suggestions helped me move into poses I previously could not do.

Bev’s humor, down-to-earth nature, and genuine of appreciation of life made these classes fun and a highlight of the week. We came together to increase our flexibility and strength…and in addition, found laughter, joy, and a celebration of body and spirit. Thank you Beverly, you will be missed!

Karol Brancato
Salem, OR


I have received multiple therapeutic massages from Beverly Sumner ,LMT. I can recommend her as a massage therapist of the highest caliber.

Not only is Ms. Sumner extremely skilled in standard massage practices, she is uncanny in her ability to analyze body pain and keep searching until she ferrets out the cause of the problem. I suffered from lumbar back pain for 21 years, and had tried all traditional medical therapies, including multiple visits to physical therapists.

Working with Ms. Sumner, she determined my psoas muscles were tight, and through massage and a unique form of stretching, relieved the majority of my back pain. Beverly continued to work with me to decrease my symptoms further by identifying that my quadraceps muscles were tight bilaterally and gave me specific stretches for these. Not only is my back pain almost gone, but seemingly unrelated nightly leg and foot cramps have virtually disappeared.

It is with great ambivalence that I write this letter of recommendation, for it means I will no longer benefit from her massages. But I am confident that Beverly will quickly develop a new following of devoted clients as she develops a massage practice in Georgia.

Thomas A. Wilson, M.D.
Salem, OR


I have been a client of Beverly's for the past 6 years, and she is an outstanding practitioner of massage. I have had low back pain since 1985, and have found little relief, until I became a client of Beverly.

After a serious back injury, diagnosed as bulging discs. I went to chiropractors and physical therapists, but none were able to provide significant improvement. Through massage and stretching with Beverly, I recovered and am able to do whatever I want. Her deep tissue massage is truly transforming; not always comfortable, but the results are the reward.

I highly recommend Beverly. I regret the loss of a friend and a professional, but wish her the best as she moves to Georgia.

Shari Kelly, Business Owner
Salem, OR


I became Beverly's client on the recommendation of a friend, and after the first session, became her client. Her ability to find and correct the tightness in my shoulders, massage out the pain in my hips or my neck is unparalleled. Your tips and practices to help me alleviate pressure point pain were so helpful. You warm and inviting practice, using hot pads to warm my feet was something I looked forward to all week. Your music was always perfect, and your room had a soothing effect.

Beverly has a gift, and I don't mean that flippantly. I have been to Chiropractors and other massage therapists, but you have an ability to find and address the source of pain.

Where will I find another massage therapist to replace you?

Dana Baugher, Executive Secretary
Salem, OR


I first visited Beverly five years ago, after I pulled a groin muscle practicing Karate (I am a black belt). I knew immediately she was not your average massage therapist. She seemed to know exactly what and where my issue was, and knew exactly the right combination of techniques to alleviate the problem. Her combination of massage, stretching and application of heat helped me heal this chronic and painful injury. Her unique style of stretching was something I had never experienced before, and proved very helpful to me.

Beverly encouraged me to stretch on my own, and showed me how to isolate and stretch individual muscles. She is extremely passionate about her work and encourages an all around healthy lifestyle, giving tips and advice in a nice, easy manner.

I am highly active, pushing my body to the limit, and if not for Beverly, I could not compete at the level I do. She has helped keep me flexible, healthy and in balance through her incredible talent of massage and stretching. If you are looking for a professional, deeply caring person who is supportive of people reaching their personal best, I would highly recommend Beverly Sumner

Teresa Standish, Business owner, triathlete, black belt in Karate
Salem, OR


Beverly has been my therapist, my teacher, a great supporter and encourager while remaining the consummate professional. She has provided a very safe, comfortable, and attractive environment for massage. She is reliable in appointments, and starts and stops on time.

In the four years since I began receiving massage therapy from her, she has consistently provided deep tissue massage therapy as well as therapeutic stretching to maintain and increase my circulation, range of motion, and overall health. She has sought and received advanced massage training to help her clients, and as helped me gain new insights through our work together. I have lived with Parkinson’s disease for eighteen years, and she is sensitive to my needs and wishes. She follows up muscular pain to in origins and provides the most relief I have found. I have learned to relax and trust her , and found her therapy an important factor in living with my health issue.

Robyn Bearce
Salem, OR